Emirates A330 makes emergency landing in Mumbai

Flight is second Emirates plane to report technical issues in a month.
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A Dubai-bound Emirates Airline flight from India was forced to make an emergency landing on Wednesday after what the airline described as a “technical issue”.

The plane, which took off from Mumbai airport at 3.35pm, returned to the airfield just 20 minutes after takeoff after fuel leaked from one of its engines, Indian media reported.

Some 186 passengers and 15 crew members were onboard.

In a statement, the world’s largest airline by international traffic declined to specify the nature of the problem but said delayed passengers would be accommodated on later flights.

“Emirates flight EK507 Mumbai to Dubai returned to Mumbai airport shortly after take-off due to a technical issue. The A330 aircraft landed at Mumbai airport without incident shortly after its initial departure,” a spokesperson for the airline said in a statement.

The incident marks the second emergency landing by an Emirates plane in a month, after a July 2 flight from Dubai to Kochi carrying 222 passengers was hit by technical issues.

The flight landed safely at Cochin International Airport at 3.05am, but the plane had to be moved to a separate bay for repair.

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