RAK Logistics to discuss sector integration at TOC

CEO to discuss importance of achieving supply chain efficiency.
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RAK Logistics has revealed that its CEO, Majed Zambaraji will hold a discussion on the shipping and freight forwarding sectors at the upcoming TOC Middle East shipper’s conference.

The CEO will discuss the importance of increased integration between shipping lines and freight forwarders to achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings into the container supply chain.

“Improved planning and better scheduling have brought more reliability, visibility, as well as speed into the process,” Zambaraji said.

“Around 20 per cent of containers fail to turn up for the voyage they are booked on. Increasingly more interest is being taken by shipping lines to improve the fill rate and avoid ‘downfalls/last minute cancellations’ and develop new strategies to increase collaboration to bring optimisation of information along the 3PL,” he added.

Zambaraji can be heard at the TOC Middle East shipper’s conference which takes place from September 25-27 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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