Dubai traffic congestion costs halve in five years

Annual cost has fallen sharply as roads network grows by nearly 30%.


The cost of traffic congestions in Dubai has more than halved in the past five years, Mattar Al Tayer, chairman of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) said on Saturday.

He said that improvement projects carried out by the RTA, comprising roads, bridges and tunnels as well as the public transport network, contributed to reducing the annual cost from AED4.9bn ($1.33bn) in 2005 to AED2.4bn in 2010.

"Projects constructed by the RTA also contributed to boosting the competitiveness of Dubai, developing the economy," Al Tayer added in a statement.

He said road projects completed by the RTA had resulted in a 29 percent increase in the total length of roads network.

Dubai has also seen a 195 percent increase in the number of bridges constructed from 108 to 319 and a 57 percent rise in the number of tunnels constructed, Al Tayer said.

Without the works, the value of time and fuel wasted on traffic congestions would have jumped to more than AED13bn in 2010, he added.

According to Dubai's Traffic Level of Service Index, and Travel Time Index, traffic congestion in Dubai has declined dramatically to its current measure of 1.36; which compares to 1.43 in Chicago, 1.42 in San Francisco, and 1.37 in San Diego.

Al Tayer added that the average speed recorded on expressways in the emirate was 91.2km per hour, while the average speed on multi-lane main roads was 66.5km per hour.

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