Top 10: Global Airlines Based On Carbon Efficiency

List includes Singapore Airlines, Ryanair, Cathay Pacific and easyJet.


Top 10: Global Airlines Based On Carbon Efficiency

New analysis by Brighter Planet, a global specialist in carbon accounting and mitigation, has rated the carbon efficiency of international airlines for travellers and exposes the inaccuracies of traditional methods of carbon accounting just as airline greenhouse gas emissions are coming under increased scrutiny around the world.

The airlines searched as part of the initiative were: British Airways, KLM Royal Dutch, Lufthansa, Air France, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, SWISS, Japan Airlines, Ryanair, Delta Air Lines, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Iberia, easyJet, United Airlines, American Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Air Canada, Korean Air and SAS.

“Energy efficiency per passenger mile varies tenfold across the entire industry,” said Patti Prairie, CEO of Brighter Planet. “The importance of our calculations is to show that businesses and individuals don’t necessarily have to cut out air travel or spend more time and money to be more environmentally sensitive, they just need better carbon intelligence.”

LogisticsMiddleEast looks at the top 10 entries.

NUMBER 10: American Airlines
A subsidiary of AMR Corporation, American Airlines (AA) is based at Dallas Fort Worth with hubs in Chicago, Miami and New York. Merging with TWA Airlines in 2001, AA uses an large fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. AA’s extensive network includes domestic and regional services within North America and international services to Europe, Asia, Central America and South America. AA is a founding member of the oneworld alliance. (Profile source: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation - CAPA)

NUMBER 9: United Airlines
Based at Chicago O’Hare, with secondary hubs in Denver, LAX, San Francisco and Washington Dulles, United Airlines is one of the world’s largest airlines. Using a large fleet of narrow and wide-body Airbus and Boeing aircraft, United Airlines operates an extensive domestic and regional network of services within North America as well as international services to Central America, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Africa. United Airlines is a founding member of the Star Alliance and announced a merger with Continental Airlines in May-2010. (Profile source: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation - CAPA)

NUMBER 8: easyJet
Based at London Luton Airport, with its busiest base at London Gatwick Airport, easyJet was founded by Sir Stelios Haj-Ioannou and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The carrier has experienced rapid growth since its establishment in 1995, having expanded due to a combination of acquisitions and base openings triggered by consumer demand for low-cost air travel. Using a fleet of Airbus and Boeing narrow-body aircraft, easyJet operates an extensive network throughout Europe as well as to northern Africa and Israel supported by over 15 hubs spread throughout Europe. (Profile source: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation - CAPA)

NUMBER 7: Cathay Pacific
As the national carrier of Hong Kong SAR and based at Hong Kong International Airport, Cathay Pacific is majority-owned by logistics corporation Swire Pacific with significant shareholdings from Air China parent CNAC. Using a fleet which includes widebody Boeing and Airbus aircraft, Cathay Pacific’s extensive network consists of services throughout Asia, Europe, North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Cathay Pacific is a founding member of the oneworld alliance and wholly-owns short-haul operator Dragonair. (Profile source: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation - CAPA)

NUMBER 6: Iberia
Iberia, a subsidiary of publicly-listed International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG), is the national carrier of Spain. Based in Chamartin, Madrid, Iberia’s network includes domestic services within Spain as well as regional and international services throughout Europe, North America, Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East. Iberia is a founding member of the oneworld alliance. (Profile source: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation - CAPA)

NUMBER 5: Northwest Airlines
Northwest Airlines was a major United States airline founded in 1926 and absorbed into Delta Air Lines by a merger approved on October 29, 2008. Northwest continued to operate under its own name and brand until the integration of the carriers was completed on January 31, 2010.

NUMBER 4: Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines is based in Houston, Texas with secondary hubs at Newark Liberty International Airport, Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Cleveland’s Hopkins International Airport. Continental’s extensive network includes services to domestic and international destinations in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central and South America. Formerly in the SkyTeam alliance, Continental became a member of the Star Alliance in late 2009 and is merging with United Airlines. (Profile source: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation - CAPA)

NUMBER 3: Delta Air Lines
Based in Atlanta, Delta Air Lines merged with Northwest Airlines in Oct-2008 to form one of the largest airlines in the world. Operating an extensive fleet of Boeing aircraft, Delta’s network includes extensive domestic services within the United States as well as international services to Central and South America, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe. The airline's main hub is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which ranks among the world's busiest - largely due to Delta's dominant presence at the facility. Delta also has hubs in New York, Detroit, Minneapolis, Memphis and Salt Lake City in the USA and international hubs at Amsterdam, Tokyo and Paris. Delta is a founding member of SkyTeam. (Profile source: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation - CAPA)

NUMBER 2: Singapore Airlines
Based at Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines is the national carrier of Singapore. Using a fleet of wide-body Boeing and Airbus aircraft, including the A380 of which Singapore Airlines was the launch customer, Singapore Airlines operates an extensive network across Asia, North America, Australasia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Singapore Airlines joined the Star Alliance on 01-Apr-2000. (Profile source: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation - CAPA)

NUMBER 1: Ryanair
Ryanair is Europe's largest airline, the largest low-cost carrier, and one of the world's largest airlines as measured by international passengers carried. Ryanair has its largest base at largest base at London Stansted Airport, and second-largest base at Dublin Airport. Ryanair currently operates a network covering over 40 bases and 1,100 routes (with over 1,300 daily departures) across 26 countries, connecting some 155 destinations. Ryanair operates a fleet of over 250 B737-800 aircraft, with a large order backlog. Ryanair employs more than 8,000 people and expects traffic to grow to 73.5 million passengers in fiscal year 2011.(Profile source: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation - CAPA)

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