Distress signal received from ship at Port Rashid

Samho sailors experience appalling conditions in stranded tanker.
Getty image used for illustration purposes only
Getty image used for illustration purposes only


The health of crew on board the oil tanker Samho Jasper is deteriorating quickly with supplies running dangerously low, as the financially strapped shipping firm Samho Shipping struggles to repatriate its workers, the Khaleej Times reports.

Medicines have already run out with only one week of food and fuel supplies left.

Speaking to the Khaleej Times, Captain Atta-ur-Rahman of the distressed tanker’s sister ship, the Samho Crown, described the condition of some of the 21 men on the Panamanian-flagged tanker as ‘very appalling'.

The scorching summer heat is exacerbating the problem with temperatures soaring from the mid to high 40’s this week.

Atta-ur-Rahman said some crew members of the Jasper are ‘mentally disturbed’ as they had not been paid their salaries for six months. ‘‘Most of the crew members have completed their contracts and just want to go home,’’ he said.

According to the Khaleej Times, a meeting will be held today between the relevant stakeholders in the hope of resolving the issue within the week.

The Samho Jasper is the third ship from the struggling Samho Shipping to experience this problem, after the Samho Crown and Samho Dream suffered a similar plight before being rescued last month.



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