Ask The Expert: Harvey Ellis, LXE Global Tracking

Regional manager explains the benefits of satellite tracking systems.
Harvey Ellis, regional manager, LXE & EMS Global Tracking
Harvey Ellis, regional manager, LXE & EMS Global Tracking


Question: How can satellite tracking systems help logistics firms reduce risk and save money?

Expert: Harvey Ellis, regional manager, LXE and EMS Global Tracking

The EMS Global Tracking service
Logistics companies require one stop solutions from a single vendor to cater for their technology needs. What we’re doing at EMS is bringing together two sister divisions: LXE, well known for ruggedised handheld and vehicular devices utilised throughout warehouses and intermodal operations; and EMS Global Tracking, which provides a range of satellite tracking solutions, from personal tracking to container and vehicle tracking, to better meet growing demand for in-transit visibility. While LXE solutions can provide full visibility of your asset within the warehouse, EMS, can provide full visibility of assets once they leave the warehouse. We can therefore provide end-to-end solutions for total visibility, thereby enhancing performance throughout the entire supply chain.

The ultimate benefit of this to logistics companies
A lot of IT and warehouse managers require full visibility to enhance performance and productivity in their supply chain; it’s important for them to constantly keep up with the pace of technological innovation in helping them to have a fuller visibility of where their assets are. This will affect the bottom line; if they have goods that are going missing or do not have the visibility to respond to an exception, that will have a huge effect on overall profitability. Logistics companies can come to EMS for all the necessary tools and technology for the total solution, rather than going to different vendors for different technology slices. LXE has this year launched a full range of exciting new products: the hand-held Tecton rugged device; the Thor Vehicle-Mount Computer; and recently the Marathon Field Computer, LXE’s rugged industrial version of the tablet or slate, ideal in helping supervisors and managers become as productive as their workers. EMS Global Tracking not only provides a range of satellite-based hardware products and solutions to help locate, track and communicate with cargo, personnel and fleet assets, we also provide an interactive web-based mapping service that allows the customer to log into the internet, bring up information and monitor their fleet in real-time. Referred to as ViewPoint, it is fully scalable and can be integrated into existing applications.

Investment pay back
There are numerous ways. Having visibility from one end of the supply chain to the other allows the customer to know if his assets are in a place where they shouldn’t be. This reduces potential losses. Also, if a driver knows he’s being tracked, it will have a positive effect on his driving habits, and force him to stay within certain route limitations. Insurance companies are keen to see companies using technology to reduce overall risk for assets and personnel, and are increasingly assessing the level of risk in their customer insurance policies. Any trucking company that utilises such technology to track their fleet, particularly in dangerous and hostile locations, is able to substantially reduce its insurance premium expenditure while at the same time improve control of its assets, and driver behaviour. Also, while you cannot put a price on safety; having drivers know that they are being checked for their driving history helps promote compliance with company safety polices. A customer can have a whole variety of sensor types almost anywhere within a vehicle, to monitor unauthorised access to cargo and fuel doors, ensure compliance within speed limits, to monitor the driver’s compliance with imposed rules, to monitor safety such as brake lining and tyre pressure and, over time, to establish the best route in terms of measuring fuel consumption, delivery time and fleet utilisation and performance.

We charge a nominal fee for the required hardware and the software and ongoing monthly charges depend on the frequency of messaging and location information a customer requires.

Ultimately, satellite tracking solutions help companies save money and improve efficiency, through a combination of asset and fleet identification along the entire supply chain, improved driver behaviour, route optimisation and lower insurance premiums. Results from the region indicate that investment in telematics can produce a rapid ROI after just 6-12 months.

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