Move One transports military dogs to Afghanistan

Logistics firm undertakes delicate operation moving 36 military dogs.
(Getty Images - for illustration purposes only)
(Getty Images - for illustration purposes only)


If you think taking a car trip with your dog is bad enough - what with all the slobbering, smell and their constant attempt to bark at every car that passes, spare a thought for the accompanying personnel on a flight to Afghanistan recently whose cargo contained thirty-six military war dogs (MWD).

In what was a complex operation, the dogs were flown from the US to Dubai, before being delivered to Khandahar, Afghanistan, by logistics firm Move One. The dogs entourage included special transportation cages, water and food supplies, weighing in at a little over 1700 kgs.

Specially trained, the dogs are not your average canines and the operation required expert handling including; full feeding, exercise, cleaning and care regimens for the duration of the trip.

Speaking to website Handy Shipping Guide, Yohannes Hailemariam of Move One’s Dubai office said: “It was a massive move for our Dubai office and Dubai airport as well. A crew of five was permanently committed to feeding, exercise and water top-up.”

The dogs will undertake special operations in Afghanistan including search and rescue as well as sniffing out IED’s and other explosive devices.


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