GWC opens largest 3PL warehouse in Qatar

Technological facility allows firms to focus on their core business.
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Gulf Warehousing Company (GWC) has commenced operations in the largest third-party warehousing facility in Qatar.

The 33,000 square metre warehouse covers the requirements of Bulk and In-Rack material storage and handling, temperature-controlled, ambient or open yard conditions.

In addition to being the largest warehouse, the facility dubbed “33k” also boasts warehousing technology, with VNA racking up to 12 metres, VNA man-up machines, dock leveler controls, super-flat flooring and the latest Warehouse Management Systems.

“Both we and our customers are excited to be operating out of the Logistics Village Qatar (LVQ). This facility brings alive the company’s vision to create an advanced logistics hub featuring a paper- less warehouse operation. Our objective is to empower companies to focus on their core business by taking away the logistics headache,” said Nader Hakim, director of contract logistics at Gulf Warehousing Company.

33k is another addition to Gulf Warehousing Company’s portfolio, with the firm currently managing over 150,000 square metres of warehousing in Qatar.

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