Cargolux discovers bullet hole in Boeing 747-400

Aircraft grounded and investigation launched after shock discovery.
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Cargolux has grounded a Boeing 747-400 after a bullet hole was detected in the fuselage by maintenance staff.

The aircraft was operating a charter flight on 4th July from Luxembourg to Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and Accra (Ghana) prior to arriving in Abuja (Nigeria), from where it returned to Luxembourg on 5th July.

“The hole was found in an unpressurised area on the left side near the rear of the plane and did not endanger the safety of the crew at any time,” the cargo operator revealed in a statement.

“It has been established that the hole was caused by a bullet. There is no evidence that the aircraft was targeted, but that cannot be ruled out.”

Cargolux has filed a police report and informed the relevant aviation authority (Direction de l’aviation civile, Luxembourg - DACL) of the incident. The Forensic Division of the Luxembourg police has since launched an investigation.

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