Stranded shipping crew rescued by Dubai team

Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) leads dramatic rescue mission.
Workers off the Samho dream
Workers off the Samho dream


Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has announced that it has successfully facilitated the safe repatriation of crew members off one of the non-operational Korean oil tankers stranded in Dubai’s waters.

In coordination with the Dubai Port Police and other concerned authorities, DMCA led a team that boarded Samho DREAM to conduct safety and health inspections, which eventually led to the Master of the DREAM asking that all of the DREAM’s personnel be allowed ashore until the ship had power and water.

Khalid Meftah, director of Maritime Corporate Development at Dubai Maritime City Authority, said: “Dubai Maritime City Authority has coordinated with various government agencies as well as the shipping company’s representative and the flag state representative in implementing an immediate interim safety plan. The crew was already in an adverse condition with a few reporting weight loss and dizziness. We had to act swiftly for them to be brought ashore and cared for in line with Dubai’s safety and territorial regulations.”

The DREAM is one of three ships owned by the now bankrupt SAMHO Shipping in Dubai’s anchorages.

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