Emirates suffers technical problem on India flight

Loss of pressure in a hydraulic system was reported by airline crew.
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Emirates experienced a technical malfunction with an Airbus A330-200 during a recent flight to India, it has been reported.

According to Aviation Herald, the Dubai-based carrier was performing flight EK-532 to Kochi on 2nd July 2011, with 270 passengers on board, when the loss of pressure in a hydraulic system was reported by crew.

The aircraft was still able to make a safe landing, although the return flight back to Dubai, with 207 passengers, was delayed by 14 hours as a result.

"Emirates confirms that flight EK533 to Dubai, on Saturday 2nd July was delayed due to technical difficulties," the airline confirmed in a statement. "Where possible, passengers were accommodated on EK 531 at 10.30am, the remaining passengers were provided with hotel accommodation."

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