Upsize me: McDonald's fat powered trucks in UAE

McDonald's frying oil converted into biofuel for their own trucks.
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Forget about the healthy choices salad bar, there is now a McDonald’s meal which could be healthy for you. But we are not talking about your waistline here, rather the air you breathe.

According to The National, vegetable oil that has been used to cook French fries at McDonald's fast-food outlets across the UAE, is now being converted into fuel for lorries in the region's first biodiesel factory.

An Abu Dhabi company, Neutral Group, has struck a deal with the world's second-largest restaurant chain to convert the oil used in all 80 of its UAE kitchens into environmentally friendly fuel at a factory in Dubai.

The process involves taking waste oil from McDonald's kitchens, heating it and adding chemicals to it to turn it into a fuel that can power specially adapted lorries, reports The National.

Starting out with 12 vehicles in December, the firm is due to power McDonald's entire UAE fleet by the end of this year.

Despite Neutral Group's promising beginning, the firm faces a stiff challenge encouraging uptake of the technology given the dominant UAE fossil fuel industry, however its one the company relishes.

"We're in competition with the state-owned fuel monopoly," said Karl Feilder, chairman of the Neutral Group. “We would like to open more plants across the Emirates and the wider region."

In terms of greenhouse gases, the biofuel industry has gathered momentum over the past decade as a clean, green alternative to fossil fuels. When the crops are harvested they have already absorbed carbon dioxide from the air whilst growing and therefore when the biofuel is burned, there is no addition to net greenhouse gases.

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