Sharjah residents fill up on fuel

Closure of Enoc stations in Sharjah forces motorists to store fuel.
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Sharjah motorists were forced to stockpile fuel supplies over the weekend, after all Enoc and Eppco outlets were shut down on Friday morning, according to Emirates News 24/7.

The motorists response comes after the closure of Enoc Group operated fuel stations in Sharjah, after they failed to meet a deadline imposed last Tuesday, by the Sharjah Executive Council, which ordered them to reopen their pumps within 72 hours.

Speaking to Emirates 24/7, residents explained the measures they are now undertaking in response to the shortage, which has plagued the Emirate on and off for the past three months.

“We have started keeping an extra can of fuel in our vehicle for use in emergency,” said one motorist. “Even in Sharjah many motorists are found purchasing additional fuel in plastic cans to keep as reserve.”

Sharjah residents, who work in Dubai, are filling up at Dubai petrol stations in order to avoid the shortage. Ajman has also seen an increase in motorists wanting to fill their tanks.

“Our business has almost doubled in recent weeks because vehicles from Sharjah are coming to Ajman,” said the manager of an Adnoc petrol station in Ajman. “Some of them are coming with big cans to stock petrol and diesel, because sometimes it may take minimum of half an hour to fill the tanks - our pumps are always busy now,” he told Emirates 24/7.

The closure has seen increased pressure on other remaining fuel outlets in Sharjah, with Emarat reportedly unable to cope with the increased demand.

Speculation over Enoc Groups' fuel shortage has ranged from malfunctioning supply pipes, to a lack of supply.


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