Rolls-Royce announces $360m Etihad Airways deal

Agreement reached with UAE carrier to provide engine services.
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Rolls-Royce said on Tuesday it has reached an agreement with Etihad Airways to provide long-term engine services and performance enhancement kits worth a total of $360m.

The Abu Dhabi-based airline will receive TotalCare services for Trent 700 engines that power four Airbus A330 aircraft.

It will also extend an existing contract covering the same engines that power 20 more of its A330 fleet.

In addition, the airline will introduce Enhanced Performance (EP) kits on 30 of its Trent 700s, which will increase their fuel efficiency by more than one per cent per engine and reduce CO2 emissions by 800 tonnes per aircraft per year.

James Hogan, CEO of Etihad Airways, said:, "This is an extension of a long term partnership between Etihad and Rolls-Royce, which will result in greater fuel efficiency and cost savings.

"Environmental performance is a key consideration for Etihad so we are particularly pleased to be introducing the EP kits on our Rolls-Royce engines."

Mark King, Rolls-Royce, president - Civil Aerospace, added: "We are committed to continual improvement of our engines and our EP kits extend the Trent 700's industry-leading position as the most efficient engine on the A330."

The Trent 700, the only engine designed specifically for the A330, has won more than 75 percent of orders in the last three years and more than 1,300 are now in service or on order.

TotalCare long-term service agreements, in place on 90 percent of Trent engines in service, are designed to maximise engine availability to improve airline operational performance and reliability.


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