Troops in Afghanistan order DHL Express pizza

Troops in Afghanistan to receive pizzas delivered by DHL express.
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DHL Express, has joined forces with Pizzas 4 Patriots - a non-profit organisation, and pizza firm UNO’s, to deliver 6000 pizza pies to thousands of U.S. and Canadian soldiers just in time for U.S. Independence Day and Canadian Independence Day.

With the support of DHL Express, 6000 ready-to-bake, deep-dish pizzas from UNO’s, and Romeoville, Illinois-based Great Kitchens, will be packed and loaded into a donated DHL cargo jet a week before Independence Day, then shipped to troops stationed at several military bases in Afghanistan.

Over the last three years, Pizzas 4 Patriots and DHL Express have delivered more than 60,000 pizza pies to U.S. servicemen and women stationed all over the world. The idea was initiated in 2008 by Ret. Master Sergeant Mark Evans and his 15-year-old son, Kent, while eating pizza and wondering if they could somehow deliver freshly-frozen Chicago-style pizzas to soldiers overseas. Not long after, Evans contacted General Petraeus, who quickly granted permission to send over 2,000 pizzas to troops for the Fourth of July.

“As a retired member of the military, I know firsthand what this special care package will mean to our U.S. and Canadian service members serving in those faraway places,” said Evans. “We are so thankful to DHL Express for stepping up year after year and donating their services to deliver a slice of home to those men and women serving their countries.”

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