DP World to send 25 students to summer camp

UAE firm, DP World, to choose from employee's children to attend camp.
Mohammed Al Muallem, senior vice president, DP World, UAE region
Mohammed Al Muallem, senior vice president, DP World, UAE region


25 students will be chosen by DP World, UAE Region, from amongst its employees’ children, to participate in the Rashid Summer Camp 2011, taking place in Dubai from June 20 to July 20.

The month-long camp Summer Camp, which offers a range of extra-curricular activities including horse riding, shooting and swimming, in addition to cultural and educational activities, such as Quran recitation, can have a positive influence on a student’s character, according to Mohammed Al Muallem, senior vice president and managing director, DP World, UAE Region.

“Initiatives such as the Rashid Summer Camp play an important role in shaping the character of our youngsters so they can grow up as responsible citizens. We believe the Camp helps the students learn teamwork and leadership skills that are so essential in today’s world. DP World is happy to be associated with this noble activity. We wish all the participants a wonderful learning experience at the Camp.”

In addition to the camp, DP World, UAE Region, will arrange a fully-paid trip to Umrah for a number of students.

Organised by the Hobbies Club in Al Aweer, the camp is expected to attract more than 500 students aged between five and 12 years.

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