Saudi airline urged to investigate smoking captain

Concerns raised on recent Saudia flight from Jeddah to Paris.
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Allegations that the captain of a recent Saudi Arabian Airlines flights was caught smoking in the middle of a journey between Jeddah and Paris must be investigated, an eyewitness has urged.

According to a report on the Emirates 24/7 website, which in turn quoted an Arabic daily newspaper, passengers feared the worst after noticing that smoke was billowing from the cockpit in the middle of their flight.

Following complaints to a stewardess, the passengers were assured that the smoke was not caused by an aircraft problem, but due to the captain having a cigarette.

“When they yelled to the stewardess and told her about the smoke, she simply replied that the captain was smoking and that she could not do anything about it,” the original report has stated.

“A Saudi university professor who was among those passengers called on the Saudi Airlines to investigate the issue and punish the pilot since smoking is strictly banned on all Saudi flights.”

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