Afia converts to CHEP Pooling Equipment

CHEP Saudi Arabian Operations sign deal with edible oil manufacturer.
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CHEP Middle East has announced that Afia International, part of the Savola Group of Companies, and Saudi Arabia's largest edible oil manufacturer, has signed an agreement with CHEP for the supply of CHEP's B1210A pooling pallet for their Saudi Arabian operations.

AFIA will implement the CHEP Pooling Equipment  system in 3 phases.

Phase one will involve conversion of their production, storage and internal distribution. Phase two will entail backward integration of all raw material suppliers shipping in on compatible platforms. Whilst Phase three will see the conversion of all key account flows across Saudi Arabia, as well as their export flows to the Gulf Cooperation states.

At full integration, CHEP will issue approximately 360,000 pallets per annum to Afia, realizing significant annual savings for the Afia group as compared to Afia owning and managing their own equipment.

Jameel Ferwana, demand and logistics director at Afia, confirmed the decision to convert to CHEP Saudi Arabia was because of the professional service the firm provides, and the cost being very competitive compared to owning and managing the pool of pallets.

At the time of writing, Phase one of the implementation is complete with significant progress being achieved in Phase two of the project.


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