Panic as PIA aircraft collision avoided in Muscat

Pakistani airline files complaint with Oman civil aviation authority.
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A potential mid-air collision over Oman skies was avoided by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) this week, it has been reported.

The national carrier was travelling from Lahore to Muscat on Monday 6th June 2011 with 97 passengers on board when the incident occurred.

According to media reports, the Boeing 737-300 was approaching Muscat International Airport when the traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) advised a climb from 16,000ft to 34,000ft. However, after complying with the request, crew members noticed that another aircraft was heading towards them at around the same altitude. New instructions were therefore issued for the PIA aircraft to be cleared from other traffic by climbing to 36,000ft.

While the civil aviation authority in Oman has not commented on the incident, a complaint has been filed by Pakistan International Airlines.