Motorists suffer Sharjah fuel shortage again

Frustrated residents left waiting.
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The fuel shortage, which has plagued Sharjah, continued on Sunday leaving motorists stranded or waiting in long queues.

The shortage, which began late last week, has reportedly left motorists queuing for up to 45 minutes. In some cases, they have abandoned their cars on the roadside in favour of alternative transport.

"I saw lots of cars abandoned on Maleha Road and Maysaloon, which is very dangerous because cars go very fast there and it looks like there is an accident waiting to happen," said Jasem Al Balushi speaking to Gulf News.

"I went to fill up my car at an Adnoc station at 1am because that's when everybody's asleep. I saw the long queues in the morning and at first I stayed and waited, but ended up waiting for 45 minutes. There was no way I was going to put myself through that again, so I would rather go to bed late instead," he added.

Residents are growing increasingly frustrated at the ongoing fuel shortages.

Speaking to the Khaleej Times, Mohammed Ammar, who went to Enoc station in Muliha Road around 1pm on Monday, said: “If this is going to be a regular problem, then they must inform us using radio or other media about the timings and dates of the shortage to save time and fuel.”

In a recent statement released to Gulf News, Enoc spokesman Khalid Hadi said: "Enoc is managing its fuel supplies to meet the current demand. This involves a two-pronged approach of regulating the distribution of fuel through our network, as well as upgrading selected stations."

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