Out-of-work Saudi pilots launch Facebook campaign

Hundreds out of work after policy change at Saudi Arabian Airlines.
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Hundreds of unemployed pilots from Saudi Arabia have launched an online campaign on social media website Facebook to highlight their career problems, according to a report in Arab News.

The “Let Us Fly” protest was created by a group of more than 700 people, who have not been hired by Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia), even after receiving their flying certificates from international aviation institutes recognised by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA).

According to their campaign, new conditions have been implemented for the admission of new pilots, including an age limit of 27 (compared to the previous limit of 40) and the necessity of passing a German Space Agency exam, which costs around 5000 euros.

One member of the group, who identified himself only as Muhammad, is now working as a taxi driver, while another, named Fahd Allahyani is currently a security guard.

Assistant director general for public relations at Saudia, Abdullah Al-Ajhar, told Arab News that the appointment of pilots was done according to rules, which do not differentiate between foreigners and Saudis.

“All the conditions we have are related to the safety of passengers,” he added.

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