Damco sees bright future for Middle East

Damco eyes Middle East opportunities.
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Damco global chief commercial officer, Martin Thaysen, predicts a bright economic future for the Middle East.

His comments were made during a recent visit to the region, where Thaysen met with the logistics company's strategic partners in the UAE, Egypt and Jordan.

“Damco’s commitment to this fast expanding region is strong. We have a desire to expand our business in this part of the world with a focus on organic growth,” he said.

On top of investing in warehousing infrastructure aimed at supporting global imports, Damco is looking to further road distribution across the GCC-markets.

“The Middle Eastern region continues to move forward with strong infrastructure investments. These investments are strongly supporting the growth of the business sector for local organisations wanting to expand, just as the doors are being opened more and more for international investments,” he added.

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