Bids invited for new Abu Dhabi-Dubai road

Pre-qualification bids invited; contracts may be awarded by Q4.
A second main road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is in the works.
A second main road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is in the works.


The Department of Transport (DoT) of Abu Dhabi is inviting prequalification bids for the new Abu Dhabi to Dubai main road project. Tenders will be called for by Q3, and contracts awarded by Q4, according to the DoT.

The new main carriageway is intended to provide a second strategic connection between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It will link with the existing Emirates Road at the border between Abu Dhabi and Dubai onto the Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Road (E22) near Baniyas, and on the Al Ain truck route at E30.

Aurecon was appointed in February to carry out the project management consultancy, which included verification of the existing design of the proposed route and contract document preparation.

The route is broken down into three main packages, which are all included in the prequalification. Package 1 runs between the new interchange at Sweihan Road and the existing interchange at the Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Road. Existing utilities are a major constraint in this portion.

Package 2 runs between the Saih Al Sidira Road and the new interchange over the Sweihan Road. A major constraint in this portion is the number of overhead pylons carrying high-voltage lines. Package 3 runs between the Al Maha Forest to the Saih Al Sidira Road.

The project will be based on the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (ASSHTO) standards and specifications, “with the incorporation of international best practices to improve the delivery and lifecycle aspects.”

The DoT also proposes a pilot project along the remainder of E12 from E11 to the proposed E311. “The road is to be developed as a ‘green' road, requiring the consideration and implementation of recycled materials, renewable energy or energy-reduction applications.”

The road will ultimately be required to achieve a Gold Green Road Accreditation based on the University of Washington Green Road adjudication matrix, as adjusted for the local environment.

In terms of the tender itself, the DoT “is seeking prequalification from suitable contractors to design, execute and complete the construction.” The design-and-build aspect is the responsibility of the contractor, it states.

“This project requires appropriately qualified and certified contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers,” stresses the DoT.

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