New route eases congestion between UAE and Bahrain

UAE civil aviation body creates new airway, M600.
Saif Mohamed Al Suwaidi, director general, GCAA.
Saif Mohamed Al Suwaidi, director general, GCAA.


The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has opened a new airway, M600, between the UAE and Bahrain.

The move will help reduce air traffic congestion and ease air traffic handling between the countries, according to a statement.

Saif Mohamed Al Suwaidi, director general of the GCAA, said: “This airway would reduce traffic congestion, controller and pilot workload and enhance airspace capacity, which will improve air traffic safety between both states.

“The rapid growth and development of the civil aviation industry and air traffic movements between the UAE and Bahrain was the main reason for the opening of M600.”

Air traffic congestion has been identified as a major challenge for the region, which still bans civilian aircraft from much of its airspace.

According to the GCAA, it is committed to working closely with partners to improve airspace safety and increase capacity.

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