Dubai Customs seizes fake banknotes worth AED2m

Euros and dollars found in three bags belonging to African woman.


Dubai Customs has seized counterfeited banknotes to the value of about AED2 million, concealed in three bags belonging to an African woman arriving in the UAE.

The banknotes consisted on 320,000 euros and $93,000, Dubai Customs said in a statement on Saturday.

Ali Almagahwi, director of the airports operations department at Dubai Customs, said inspectors became suspicious of the woman in the customs inspection area.

Her bags were inspected by a female customs inspector and found the banknotes hidden inside clothes in three bags.

Almaghawi said that the confiscated banknotes included 367 bills of 500 euros, 1,367 bills of 100 euros, along with 931 bills of $100 value.

The passenger claimed that she received the money from a friend in her country and didn't know that it was fake. She added that she planned to buy ceramics with the money.

The woman was charged and referred to the Airports Security Department, Almaghawi said.

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