Passenger causes panic on Etihad's Dublin flight

Woman tries to open plane's door, rugby tackled by air hostess.
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A female passenger on an Etihad flight from Abu Dhabi to Dublin in Ireland caused panic when she tried to open the plane's door as it approached the airport, it was reported on Tuesday.

The woman made a run for the exit at the end of the long-haul flight EY45 on Monday but an air hostess prevented her from reaching the door by rugby tackling her, Dublin's reported.

An Etihad spokesperson told Arabian Business: "Following an incident of disruptive behaviour, a female passenger on flight EY045 from Abu Dhabi to Dublin on May 9, had to be restrained by Etihad cabin crew. As is normal practice, the passenger was taken into custody by the Garda Siochana (Irish Police) upon arrival in Dublin."

It was reported that the woman, in her 30s, had been acting strangely throughout the flight, pressing different buzzers to call attendants. She was warned about her behaviour but continued to press the buttons, while an off-duty Etihad staff member tried to calm her down, the website added. As the plane approached Dublin, she reportedly began shouting about opening the doors and made a run for the nearest exit.

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