African air body blasts EU over Mozambique ban

Mozambique is 14th African country whose airlines are banned from EU.
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The European Commission has added Mozambique to the list of countries whose airlines can’t fly into the EU.

The decision was condemned by the African Airlines Association (Afraa), which expressed its “disappointment and concern” in a statement.

Mozambique is the 14th African state on the list, with Air Madagascar also subject to a partial ban.

According to an Afraa statement, the decision unfairly penalises LAM Mozambique Airlines’, which has an “impeccable” safety record.

“Since the company was established in 1980; it has not had a single major accident. And since 1989 there have been no accidents of any kind involving LAM Mozambique Airlines aircraft. Major European airlines can make no such claim.”

It gives the example of Air France, which, it claims, has had 23 major accidents since 1990, three of them with fatalities.

LAM Mozambique Airlines, the statement says, attained the IATA Safety Audit Certification in 2007, which was renewed in 2009.

“Afraa fails to see how such blanket banning contributes to encourage African carriers which strive to achieve industry best practices in safety standards,” the statement continues.

“The banning of an airline not only prohibits the airline from operating to the EU, but also impacts its ticket sales to other destinations, including on code shared routes, as travel agents and other code share partners in EU are required by regulation at the time of sales or booking to notify passengers that the airline is blacklisted. “

“While the net losers are African carriers, the net beneficiaries are always the EU Community carriers that swiftly step in to fill the vacuum and take the market share of the banned airlines.”

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