Fake bomb makes its way onto UPS plane

Package, sent from London, discovered on arrival in Turkey.
A fake bomb made its way onto a UPS plane.
A fake bomb made its way onto a UPS plane.


A fake bomb was recently transported on a UPS plane from London to Turkey, according to The Guardian newspaper.

The package, containing a timer, wires and detonator, was delivered to a UPS office in London and transported around two weeks ago, the report states.

It was discovered on arrival in Turkey after a security check. A man has been arrested in the UK in connection with the hoax.

In response to the incident, a UPS spokesperson said: “Two weeks ago, a suspicious package travelled within the UPS network aboard an all-cargo aircraft from the United Kingdom to Istanbul, Turkey.

“UPS is co-operating with the UK Department for Transport's investigation of the incident. UPS has a multiple-layered approach to ensure security.”

The UK has vowed to boost aviation security after a bomb, sent to North America from Yemen, was discovered at East Midlands airport last year.

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