GCAA issues preliminary report on Grumman accident

Plane crashed on February 17 at Al Ain Airport.
The Grumman G-21 crash killed four people at Al Ain Airport.
The Grumman G-21 crash killed four people at Al Ain Airport.


The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has released the preliminary report on the recent American Grumman G-21 amphibious aircraft accident that occurred on 17th February 2011 at Al Ain Airport.

The investigation revealed that the aircraft had departed from Al Ain International Airport, UAE, at 16:07 UTC.

Shortly after liftoff, the aircraft veered to the left and crashed at taxiway “K” which is parallel to the takeoff runway. The marks that were left by the aircraft at the taxiway exhibited that it had impacted the ground in nose down and left bank attitude. No signs of inflight breakup or pre-impact fire were observed in the vicinity of the accident site.

The initial collected documents indicate that the aircraft was modified sometime before entering the UAE; the team is in ongoing communication with the American National Transport Safety Board (“NTSB”) to obtain more exact information from the aircraft records.

During its stay in Al Ain, from the period between 24th August 2010 until the date of the accident, the aircraft was parked inside a hangar, whose owner said that he didn’t see any maintenance or preservation work after the aircraft’s arrival.

The owner added that only some preventive maintenance works were performed on the day of the accident in addition to activities pertinent to the installation of an extra fuel tank, with no exact information on whether the tank was fixed at its place onboard the aircraft, connected to the fuel system or refueled.

According to the Federal Aviation Regulations of the United States, the aircraft was not required to be fitted with flight recorders.

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