UPS puts UAE importers in control of shipments

Customers can now manage shipments and collections in another country.


UPS has introduced UPS Import Control, which allows a business in the UAE to initiate shipments and UPS package collection in another country.

Up to 100+ countries and territories are covered by the service, which also allows customers to manage the creation of shipping labels, commercial invoices and billing information.

“With Import Control, UPS is helping businesses in the UAE to take control of their imports, enabling them to ensure accuracy and compliance, and thereby preventing delays,” said John Tansey, general manager, UPS UAE LLC.

“With fewer paperwork errors, less time in transit, and enhanced shipment visibility through UPS Quantum View, UAE businesses can increase their reach in a global marketplace, whilst reducing their bottom line costs.”

For UAE customers organising shipments to third party receivers, the Commercial Invoice Removal option means the value of the goods can be kept confidential.

Importers can also coordinate shipments between two other countries and yet have costs billed to a central point. For example, a UAE based company can initiate a shipment in the US, route it to China and have the costs billed to the UAE.

“UPS understands the importance of shipment visibility in staying responsive to customers,” Tansey continued.

“The features of Import Control are fully complemented by UPS’s industry-leading Quantum View suite of tracking tools, so the importer can monitor the progress of shipments from scheduling, through transit, right up to delivery.”

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