Priyanka Chopra loses temper on Emirates flight

Bollywood star claims passenger insulted her without just reason.
Priyanka Chopra denies claims she used a mobile on an airborne Emirates flight (Strdel/AFP/Getty Images).
Priyanka Chopra denies claims she used a mobile on an airborne Emirates flight (Strdel/AFP/Getty Images).


Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra, claims she was unjustly insulted by a fellow passenger while waiting for an Emirates flight from Mumbai to take off.

According to Chopra, the incident occurred on Feb 20 when she chatted on her mobile phone while the plane was still on the ground.

The man accused of abusing her was named as 60-year old Fayaz Shawl, a US-based heart doctor. He claims she was still talking after the plane was airborne.

Chopra told the Hindustan Times: “He was clearly drunk and tried to make an issue out of me talking on the phone. I’ve travelled a million times, and I didn’t break any rules.

“The aircraft was on the tarmac when I finished an important call. By then, this man was screaming. He dropped names and said he knows the Sheikh in Dubai and would get me deported. I took out my credit card and challenged him to make a call to the Sheikh right there from the aircraft’s paid phone. He behaved in a cheap manner and said “I know you Bollywood starlet types”. That made me lose it because I value my dignity.”

Shawl’s take on the situation was entirely different. “She occupied the window seat and was on the phone even when the flight started to take off. The staff was not objecting as they were in awe of the star, so I passed a note to her to stop. I know of two air crashes that took place due to the phone signals interfering with the air control,” he told the newspaper.

According to Shawl, Chopra responded to his note abusively.

Leander Paes, an Indian tennis player who was on the flight, has supported Chopra, suggesting the man was tipsy and looking for attention.

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