Al Bayader CEO stresses importance of logistics

"We need to completely embrace the supply chain," says Nidal Haddad.
Nidal Haddad, CEO of Al Bayader International
Nidal Haddad, CEO of Al Bayader International


The importance of world-class supply chain practices must be fully-understood by companies in the US$2 billion Middle East food packaging industry to support the market’s future growth, according to Nidal Haddad, CEO of Al Bayader International.

Speaking at last month’s Gulfood 2011 exhibition in Dubai, Haddad explained that an increased focus on logistics operations would improve efficiencies and reduce operating costs, similar to what has been achieved in the European and North American food packaging industries.

“To better serve the market, we need to completely embrace the different elements that make up the supply chain. That is the global practice, and regionally we need to adopt that practice,” he emphasised.

“Over the years, Al Bayader has built, owned and managed our own supply chain rather than outsource it. Owning and managing our own logistics and distribution network gave us an advantage others lacked. In particular, we have the much-needed stability and control required to weather the storm that was the downturn. We have invested over $60 million during the last decade in design and manufacturing. This includes research and development, efficient production work flow, safety, hygiene and quality control – all of which is essential to ensure world-class products and services – a need of the hour in the Middle East.”

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