Preview: Commercial Vehicles Middle East

Showcase event for regional commercial vehicles sector opens tomorrow.


The showcase event for the Middle East commercial vehicles industry opens in Dubai on Monday, bringing together the largest ever gathering of transport, fleet and logistics decision makers from across the region's road transport business.

An industry hit hard in recent years is showing good signs of recovery, and this is reflected by a strong presence of major players for the second edition of Commercial Vehicles Middle East.

The three-day event at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre runs in tandem with the Commercial Vehicles Conference, which will see a panel of experts from leading transport organisations addressing key issues for the industry.

TATA, the world's fourth largest manufacturer of medium to heavy commercial vehicles and the second largest bus manufacturer, will use the exhibition to launch a new range of vehicles into the Middle East market.

"This event gives us the opportunity to open new business avenues, tap into the growing market of commercial vehicles in the region and strengthen our position in the Middle East," said Murari Trivedi, Regional Manager, TATA Motors.

Liberty Automobiles, the General Motors dealer for Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hummer and Opel in the UAE, will be showing off the world's first electric zero emission bus, along with a lineup of their newly acquired franchise-OTOKAR buses from Turkey.

Other industry heavyweights in the exhibition line-up included Renault Trucks, which has a network of 25 dealerships, 40 service points and mobile workshops in 18 Middle East countries, and IVECO, which has 74 dealers, 13 satellite locations and 139 sales points across region and boasts a vast range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

Organised by Streamline Marketing Group, Commercial Vehicles Middle East covers all types of heavy and light commercial vehicles, special vehicles, vehicle attachments, accessories, maintenance and repair services.

Among the panel of industry experts addressing the conference will be Antonia Terzi, designer of the electric-powered Superbus which can carry 23 passengers at 250 kmh and could become the choice of travel for business commuters between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The conference culminates on Wednesday with two workshops.

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