Toll Group acquires Dubai sea-air expert

Follow-up to 2009 acquisition of Logistic Distribution System in UAE.
Paul Little, managing director of Toll Group
Paul Little, managing director of Toll Group


Toll Group will boost its presence in the Middle East logistics industry after acquiring the Dubai-based sea-air specialist SAT Albatros. The deal, which follows a previous acquisition of Dubai’s Logistic Distribution System (LDS) in 2009, is also expected to cement Toll Group’s position in the Asia to Europe trade lane.

“With a strong customer base and as the market leader in this service offering, SAT will support our intention to further develop in this market,” explained Paul Little, managing director of Toll Group. “Building our business with a niche sea-air provider gives us further scope to offer our customers the opportunity to match speed to market with a cost-effective service. For customers who want to transport goods quickly but keep costs down, this integrated option can offer significant cost savings over pure air freight.”

SAT Albatros, which reported revenue in excess of US$40 million 2010, should not be confused with Germany-based S.A.T. Sea Air Transport. The latter is affiliated with Barloworld Logistics in Dubai.

“As the news about Toll Group’s latest acquisition caused a lot of confusion in the market, we would like to confirm that S.A.T. Sea Air Transport and the recently acquired SAT Albatros are two different entities. We are not at all affected by this and our valued customers need not worry about this,” commented Thomas Kraus, managing director of S.A.T. Sea Air Transport.

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