US family suing Emirates Airline for negligence

70-year-old suffered a heart attack on flight to her home in Houston.
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Dubai's Emirates Airline is being sued in the US by the family of a passenger who died following a heart attack on a flight from Dubai last year, it was reported at the weekend.

Lawyers for the family of the late Carol Wilson filed a lawsuit at the US District Court in Texas, claiming that staff of the Dubai-based airline failed to adequately assist the 70-year-old passenger when she suffered a heart attack.

Wilson was travelling with her son Shawn Carriker from Dubai to her home in Houston, Texas, when she suffered a heart attack in the toilets.

Although she regained conscious and paramedics performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when the plane landed, Wilson was moved to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

"There's policies and procedures in place when a medical emergency arises and Emirates failed to follow those policies and procedures and that contributed to Carol's death," the family’s attorney Kerry Guidry told AOL Travel News.

"She suffered cardiac arrest. The first seven to ten minutes are critical in cardiac arrest, and they (Emirates) did nothing, and that's what we believe led to her death."

The flight took place on April 2010 and a Texas court date for proceeding had been set for September 19.

“We cannot comment on any ongoing litigation,” an Emirates Airline spokesperson said when contacted regarding the case.

The Dubai-based carrier was last week declared the world's third largest carrier by capacity.

With 144 aircraft in its fleet, the Dubai-based airline has overtaken US carrier United and is now behind only Delta and American Airlines, according to a new report by researchers at Innovata.

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