KSA to spend $1.7 billion on new roads in 2011

Around 6600km of new work planned, on top of 30,000km now underway.
KSA is investing in its roads.
KSA is investing in its roads.


The Saudi government is to pour billions in to roading projects for the kingdom, according to a senior government official.

Speaking with reporters at the Saudi Motor Show in Jeddah this week, Mufareh Bin Mohammed Al-Zahrani, the director of transport and road affairs of the western region said the projects would have a dramatic effect on traffic links in the area.

Saudi’s 2011 budget detailed some of those plans, with SR 6.5 billion set aside for new road projects totalling 6600km, with 30,200km already under construction.

“The transportation sector is important. We have a number of big projects including the Taif ring road and four ring roads in Makkah region – where the first, second and third roads have been completed and work is underway on the second phase of the fourth ring road,” he told local reporters.

“To ease the traffic in Jeddah, there is a plan to build a new ring road around the city all the way from the south to the extreme north, which is about 200 to 220 kilometres of expressway.”

“We have a good budget for this [coming] year as the government is taking good care of the transportation system,” he said.

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