Oman-KSA road link now 90% complete

Work on road through Empty Quarter making rapid progress.
Oman and KSA are improving their road links.
Oman and KSA are improving their road links.


Work on a road linking Saudi Arabia and Oman through the Empty Quarter is almost 90% complete, according to the country’s transport minister.

Around 590km of a planned 750km road linking the countries is complete and a 2012 completion date is likely.

Work on the road began in 2007 and involves diverting the Khorais-Bathaa road, through Shayba and Umm Zamoul.

It is hoped that the road and border crossings at Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali) Entry Point on the Saudi side and Ramlat Khaliya on the Omani side will boost tourism and economic ties between the countries.

“All measures have been taken in both countries to establish the border point facilities, pave the roads and build other installations,” said an official statement released in local newspapers.

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