Emirates plane gets stuck in mud at UK airport

Incident happened while plane was on runway at Birmingham.
The plane got stuck in mud while moving on the runway.
The plane got stuck in mud while moving on the runway.


An Emirates plane diverted from Heathrow to Birmingham became stuck on a muddy grass verge for about 12 hours earlier this week.

The BBC reported that the Boeing 777-300ER, which had 282 passengers on board, landed safely at the terminal, but appeared to cut a corner while taxiing.

In a statement, an airport spokesperson said: "Birmingham Airport can confirm that an Emirates flight EK 29 inbound from Dubai was scheduled to land at London Heathrow and then rescheduled to come to Birmingham instead.

"The aircraft, a Boeing 777-300ER with 282 passengers on board, landed routinely at 13.54. Whilst proceeding to the terminal, the aircraft inadvertently taxied on to the grass verge. One set of wheels became stuck in the soft verge.”

Passengers on the aircraft waited for an hour and a half before being disembarked.

BBC News reported that the passengers were kept informed of what happened.

One man told the broadcaster: "The plane was taxiing to the gate and the pilot appeared to cut the right hand turn a little too close and his main, right landing gear was off the tarmac in the mud, sinking.

"I looked out and it was about 8in (20cm) [deep]. They did appear to try to rock it loose."

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