Heathrow to operate reduced schedule on Wednesday

Both of airport's runways now open, but disruptions will continue.
The misery continues for passengers at Heathrow (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images).
The misery continues for passengers at Heathrow (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images).


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Heathrow is operating a reduced flight schedule today (Wednesday 22).

Both the airport's runways are now open, but the airport's management has nevertheless advised passengers to check with airlines before leaving home. 

The airport was closed on Sunday and only one of its two runways was working on Monday and Tuesday.

In the UK, the fallout over the airport's poor performance continues.

Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed that Heathrow turned down offers to bring in the UK military.

Airport management has been criticised for allowing too many airlines to land planes on Saturday when bad weather was being forecast for Sunday.

This resulted in a large number of planes being stuck on the ground when the cold closed in on Sunday.

The cold weather is set to continue until at least December 26 and there is no clear idea of when the backlog of passengers stranded at the aiport is likely to be cleared.

There are now reports of passengers being refused entry to the airport and of journalists being thrown out of passenger terminals.

Emirates and Etihad, however, were able to operate full services into and out of Heathrow on Monday and Tuesday.

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