Top videos of 2010

The videos that visitors to this site watched the most in 2010.


The end of the year approaches and it's time to look back at all that happened in 2010.

Today, we look at the videos that visitors to this web site watched the most in 2010.

The list is based on page views, which were tracked using Google Analytics.

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10. VIDEO: Lufthansa pillow fight filmed by passenger

French tourists are given pillows by a German air hostess... and then start throwing them back at her.

9. VIDEO SPECIAL: Airline brand ambassadors

Find out who (or what) airlines have paid to promote their brands.

8. VIDEO: Dancing flight attendants are YouTube hit

Cebu Pacific trials a dancing safety demonstration.

7. VIDEO: Dangerous driving on SZR revealed

Shocking footage of 4x4s being driven on two wheels on busy main road.

6. VIDEO SPECIAL: Top airline advertising campaigns

A look at ten of the most memorable airline advertisements.

5. VIDEO: Forklift Accident Brings Down The Warehouse

What happens when warehouse staff make a mistake.

4. VIDEO: Footage of Kuwait Airways turbulence drama

The aftermath of a major air turbulence incident on a Kuwait Airways flight.

3. VIDEO: Airport cleaners caught stealing on CCTV

Cleaners at Luton Airport are filmed stealing from passenger suitcases.

2. VIDEO: Muslim women cause airport controversy

Security measures at Canadian airports come under the spotlight.

1. VIDEO SPECIAL: World's 8 Most Dangerous Airports

Watch amazing footage of the world's most difficult airport landings.

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