UAE company makes vehicle 'carbon neutral'

Farnek Avireal hopes other regional firms will follow.
Farnek Avireal's carbon neutral van.
Farnek Avireal's carbon neutral van.


UAE-based facilities management company, Farnek Avireal, claims to have created the region’s first carbon neutral commercial vehicle.

It has done this by paying an international foundation, myclimate, an annual sum of $1400 to invest in fund carbon offset projects.

According to a statement, myclimate’s projects are considered effective due to their focus on substituting fossil fuels with renewable energy sources and utilising energy efficiency measures.

“This carbon neutral initiative with myclimate is a regional first for both parties. Hopefully we have now set the trend for other commercial organisations throughout the region, to try and reduce their carbon footprint whether that’s joining a global carbon offset programme or examining ways in which they can cut the carbon emissions of the buildings they operate from,” said Markus Oberlin, general manager of Farnek Avireal Middle East.

One myclimate example, now underway in Kenya, produces stoves that reduce wood consumption, helping to preserve nearby forests and improving indoor air quality.

The carbon neutral vehicle is a 2010 Nissan Civilian that can hold up to 26 passengers. Around 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year will be offset through the company’s investment.

GCC countries have some of the highest levels of CO2 emissions per capita in the world.

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