Baby tiger found in Iran-bound passenger's luggage

Woman held after Bangkok airport staff find a sedated two-month cub.
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An investigation has been launched after a passenger travelling from Bangkok to Iran was stopped by airport officials, who found a two-month old tiger cub in her luggage.

Alarms were raised after a routine x-ray showed what appeared to be a real animal in the woman’s bag. A follow-up search led to the discovery of the animal, which was sedated and hidden among stuffed toy tigers.

The tiger is now being cared for at the rescue centre of the department of national parks, wildlife and plant conservation, stated the BBC. Authorities are trying to determine if the cat is wild or captive-bred.

Chris Shepherd, South-East Asia deputy regional director for traffic, said: "We applaud all the agencies that came together to uncover this brazen smuggling attempt."

"If people are trying to smuggle live tigers in their check-in luggage, they obviously think wildlife smuggling is something easy to get away with and do not fear reprimand. Only sustained pressure on wildlife traffickers and serious penalties can change that,” he added.

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