Emirates denies accusations by Iran filmmakers

Dubai-based airline has not illegally screened movies from Iran.
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Emirates has broken its silence over allegations that Iranian films were being illegally screened on its in-flight entertainment system.

The Dubai-based airline is facing legal action from filmmakers Manuchehr Mohammadi and Gholamreza Masavi, who last month claimed their movies were being aired to passengers without official approval.

“I have been informed about the screening of ‘M For Mother’ by Emirates, while neither the airline nor any other related company has a contact with us. The movie is being shown illegally and we have the legal right to pursue this issue,” stated Mohammadi, who was planning to request a formal explanation from the airline.

Meanwhile, a similar claim was made by Masavi for the movie ‘Red’, with threats that a lawsuit would be filed with Iran’s Supreme Council of Producers.

However, speaking to, a spokesperson for Emirates denied the accusations.

“Emirates legally sources all content for its in-flight entertainment through established international distributors. We take matters of this nature very seriously and we have been reassured that all Iranian content has been procured through the correct channels representing the rights holders.”

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