Aerologic hails 'three woman in cockpit' milestone

Airline claims aviation breakthrough as flight reaches Bahrain.
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An Aerologic Boeing 777F with three women pilots in the cockpit took off from Leipzig/Halle Airport at 7.05 a.m. last Saturday.

The crew consisted of Commander Cristina Rossi, Senior First Officer Monika Kölling and First Officer Stefanie Däubler. Their flight took them via Bahrain to Singapore before returning yesterday through New Delhi with an on-time touch-down as usual in Leipzig/Halle at 5.51 p.m.

"This is a premiere in international aviation. Never before has a freighter been crewed by three women pilots. We're proud of the fact that Aerologic has so many women pilots," stated flight operations manager Josef Moser:

"With women accounting for around eight per cent of its complement of its pilots, Aerologic is currently well above the national and international average. It is important to us not only that pilots can fly well, but also that they fit well in the existing team, be they male or female pilots," added Moser.

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