Seatrade set to unveil latest green technologies

UAE will reveal the region's first oil spill detection system.


The UAE’s maritime industry is set for the official unveiling of the region’s first oil spill detection system -as well as the next generation of a multi award winning bow designed to save fuel - at this year’s Seatrade Middle East Maritime (SMEM) event in October.

“The number of exhibitors who will be launching new products this October to help with environmental maritime issues is the most we have ever seen. Environmental issues continues to be a pressing topic and it is fantastic to see both the UAE, and the Middle East maritime industry positioning itself as a pioneer for the development of green technology,"  said Emma Hamilton, says marketing manager for Seatrade Middle East.

Making its debut for the first time in the region will be the ‘Rutter Sigma – 6’ oil spill detection system from Sharjah-based Zenar Marine. The technology works in all weather conditions and at a time when the potential impact of an oil spill is most pertinent, Hamilton thinks this will surely generate substantial interest during October’s three-day event at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Fuel-efficient technology is one of the industry’s most pressing topics and SMEM exhibitor the Ulstein Group ME is set to launch its next generation X-Bow, a backward sloping bow which helps vessels gain higher speeds with lower resistance and reduced fuel consumption. Launched in 2005, the original patented design reduced fuel consumption by up to 16 percent through redistributed foreship volume and substantially reduced flare.

Unique System FZE will also be exhibiting its latest fuel performance system, which helps to monitor fuel consumption in relation to distance and speed. The Marorka technology will be showcased for the first time at SMEM, and the Unique team will be on hand to explain how the management system can help to track and improve a vessel’s fuel efficiency.

“The industry has of course been hit by the financial crisis as most industries have, and this combined with the competitive nature of the maritime market is making the current climate very challenging,” said Venkatesh Rao, product sales manager at Unique System.

“Unique System is at the forefront of technological innovation and this combined with the excellent services we provide has helped to cushion the blow from the global downturn. We are looking to the long-term and being part of Seatrade means that we are in the limelight and this is very positive for our business.”

Those who would like to find out the latest news from the UAE’s maritime industry, along with the regional and international players, should attend this year’s SMEM, which will take place from 26-28 October at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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