Saudi ports seize $50m of fake goods

Over 62m counterfeit products confiscated at KSA ports in past year.
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The director general of Saudi Customs has said that more than 62 million counterfeit products worth around $50m were confiscated at ports in the Kingdom over the past year.

Saleh Al-Khelaiwi said that the Kingdom was able to prevent 260,000 counterfeit car tyres from entering the Kingdom.

He admitted, however, that not all other car parts were monitored in the same manner when they enter the country, according to Saudi daily Arab News.

Al-Khelaiwi said the role of customs departments is to maintain quality control on products that come from other countries.

Arab News said that all ship containers are checked and random samples taken to the Ministry of Commerce’s laboratories to check them for their quality.

Al-Khelaiwi said more than 30,000 samples were examined during the first half of this fiscal year. He said all shipments enter in the early evening and are usually examined by 1 am.

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