Emirates faces catering headache from Kenya strike

Strike action by Nairobi Airports Services would impact carriers.
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Potential industrial action by Nairobi Airports Services (NAS) staff could have an impact on international airlines such as Emirates, British Airways and Kenyan Airways, the company has warned.

NAS, which provides carriers with catering services from Nairobi and Mombasa airports, is facing a supply disruption from threatened strikes by employees, according to Business Daily Africa.

A number of client airlines have opted to carry enough food and refreshments from their hubs to cover both the departure and return journeys, despite the additional fuel costs, the newspaper reported.

“The company informed us last week about the situation and we decided to carry food from London,” stated Mawadri, British Airways commercial manager in Kenya, adding that the decision was made as “a matter of safety and precaution”.

“We have to accommodate the extra weight when flying into Nairobi but cannot say how much it is right now,” he added.

Dubai-based airline Emirates and Kenya Airways, which is the biggest client for NAS, continue to use the local caterer.

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