Bomb hoax on Jet Airways flight to Kuwait

Boeing aircraft is forced to make emergency landing in Muscat.
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A bomb hoax forced Indian airline Jet Airways to make an emergency landing in Muscat on Friday, it was reported on Saturday.

The Boeing 737-800 Jet Airways aircraft was en route to Kuwait with 152 passengers on board when a passenger told crew that there was a bomb on board, Riyaz Kuttery, country manager of Jet Airways told the Times of Oman newspaper.

“As soon as the crew members got the message, they had to land at the nearest airport, which was Muscat.

“The airport security and special security took control of the aircraft, immediately after landing. All passengers were disembarked. Baggages and plane were thoroughly checked. But no bomb was found on board,” Kuttery said.

The passenger who made the hoax claim, an Indian expatriate living in Kuwait, was taken into custody and the plane left Muscat again at 5:25am.

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