Mideast investors eye Chicago airport rail project

Mayor approached about financing for rail link from O'Hare airport.


Middle East investors have expressed an interest in financing a high speed rail link between O’Hare International Airport, the US’s fourth largest airport, and downtown Chicago, it was announced on Wednesday.

Richard Daley, the mayor of Chicago, told reporters at a press conference in the city on Wednesday that he had set up a special committee to study the viability of building an express train between O'Hare International Airport and central Chicago.

Daley said the committee would investigate how the millions of dollars needed to finance the project would be raised in the private sector. He also revealed that strong interest had already been shown by a number of potential international investors, including some from the Middle East.

“There’s already interest by private investment funds, foreign investment funds. They’ve come to see me… the Chinese, Japanese and Middle East already. And that excludes other investment funds here in America. Once you start this, once you announce it through the media, then we’ll get more and more interest,” Daley was quoted as saying by the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.

Up until 2005, O’Hare International Airport was the busiest airport in the world and last year 64,397,782 passengers moved through its terminals. It is currently the fourth busiest airport in the US, after John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, Los Angeles International Airport and Miami International Airport.

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