ITF backs 'safety conscious' Pakistan pilots

Transport federation supports efforts to ensure safety on PIA flights.
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The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) today moved to back the Pakistan Airline Pilots’ Association (PALPA) and endorse its efforts to ensure safety on PIA flights.

ITF general secretary David Cockroft today wrote to the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan in defence of PALPA, saying: “The ITF has been informed that the management of Pakistan International Airlines has filed a legal suit against PALPA, claiming that the association is harassing its members and persuading them not to work due to the personal motives of its Executive Committee. This claim is strongly refuted by PALPA. PALPA has also indicated to the ITF that it has serious concerns about safety being compromised in PIA’s operations.”

He continued: “PALPA has had a long association with the ITF and is a valued member of the ITF family of unions, sharing our common values of decent working conditions, professionalism, safety and security in the transport sector. It is the ITF’s experience that PALPA considers the safety of passengers and crew to be paramount, and has taken the initiative to promote this issue whenever possible. Indeed, as recently as last month, the association organised an ‘Aviation Safety Challenges and Strategies Seminar’ together with the International Federation of Airline Pilots' Associations (IFALPA) to which it is also affiliated. The seminar was attended by one of the ITF’s Executive Board members and the President of IFALPA. It is clear to the ITF that the members of PALPA feel directly responsible for the welfare of those in their care.”

The ITF was responding to a plea from PALPA for an endorsement of its members’ professionalism. The Association’s General Secretary Captain TM Rabbani reported: “PALPA knows exactly what safety is and that there should be no compromise on it. Safety is paramount and we are directly responsible for the wellbeing of passengers, crew and aircraft.

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